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Our strategy: Long-term added value-and perspectives for our portfolio companies

VR Equitypartner is one of the leading partners for medium-sized family companies in all strategic financing issues. Together with our partners, we create long-term value added and prospects for the companies in which we invest.

We aim to enhance the independence and scope for manoeuvre of medium-sized companies by providing tailored equity financing. Such expansion of financing scope creates the freedom which entrepreneurs need to concentrate on realising their targets and visions.

Our claim is to support our customers with management expertise and networks as a committed shareholder and strategic long-term partner, without restricting their entrepreneurial independence and freedom to act. In doing so, we consistently exploit the benefits which arise from our integration into the cooperative banking group.

  • Long-term and sustainable collaboration
  • A flexible and vibrant investment culture without "exit pressure"
  • Partnership-based cooperation between entrepreneur and capital-provider

Your benefits

Freedom of action

A higher equity ratio can improve the company rating and hence lead to more financial flexibility.


Methods for resolving all financing issues through the cooperative financial network.

Financial Group

We consistently use the advantages resulting from our membership of the cooperative Financial Group for you.

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