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Growth and internationalisation

Do you think the right time has come to accelerate your corporate growth? Would you like to expand your already successful product range, or invest in new plant? Or is a new market for your products to be tapped? 

It is frequently impossible to realise such ground-breaking measures through debt funding alone. Tailored private equity financing can restructure the equity and liabilities side of your company's balance sheet, orientating it better to your growth objectives' requirements. 

We support you in this context – for example, through a direct investment or mezzanine capital. An optimised equity structure improves your scope for manoeuvre, and boosts your planning security. This is because strengthening your equity base creates the foundation for improving your rating. Your company's financing scope is also increased, allowing you to raise more debt funding.

Your benefits

Specially tailored

All financial solutions are individually tailored towards the company's specific needs.


We do not perform management tasks, but instead, as a committed shareholder, concentrate on advising the management on strategic issues.

Entrepreneurially minded

We support our portfolio companies as a sparring partner in many different topics spanning strategy, marketing and sales, through to controlling and financing.


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