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Regional Offers

EFRE – Equity financing for growth projects and innovative companies in Bavaria

Eigenkapitalfinanzierung für Wachstumsprojekte mit VR Equitypartner

Since the end of 2015 VR Equitypartner GmbH offers an additional financing for innovative technology and growth companies in Bavaria (excluding Munich metropolitan area) through the VR Equity Gesellschaft für regionale Entwicklung in Bayern mbH:
In cooperation with the Bavarian State Ministry for Economy and Media, Energy and Technology VR Equitypartner GmbH has launched a fund for participations in SMEs in the double-digit million Euros. The intention behind this is the stabilization of these companies' economic basis through mezzanine capital and direct investments up to 1,5 Mio. EUR.
The fund resources are provided by VR Equitypartner GmbH and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) both having 50% each. The EFRE percentage is handed out by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Target companies

  • Innovative SMEs with growth perspectives All sectors of industries included 

Reason for investment

  • Growth, succession arrangements and change of shareholders 


  • 5 to 10 years 

Investment volume per company

  • Up to 1,5 Mio. EUR 


You are interested? Please contact us via efre@vrep.de or get in touch directly with our contact persons:

Michael Vogt
Managing director VR Equity Gesellschaft für regionale Entwicklung in Bayern mbH
Phone: +49 69 710 476 - 316

Jens Schöffel
Managing director VR Equity Gesellschaft für regionale Entwicklung in Bayern mbH
Phone: +49 69 710 476 - 432


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