Change of shareholders

A change of shareholders can have an extremely adverse impact on both a company's ability to act and its financial strength. VR Equitypartner offers extensive support to medium-sized companies for this reason. The advice that precedes the financial transaction can lead to success only on the basis of trust and reliability. 

In line with the desired modifications within the shareholder group, we develop a financing offer for you to meet the requirements of both departing and new shareholders, and at the same time ensure a stable balance sheet structure for your company. The focus is always placed on sustainable development of the company in this context. 

As part of transactions of this kind, VR Equitypartner takes over equity capital interests, provides mezzanine financing and arranges syndications for equity and borrowing.

Your benefits


We develop a financing offer that meets the old and new shareholders' requirements and wishes and ensures a stable balance sheet structure.



VR Equitypartner supports all parties involved and ensures that the company's operative capacity for action and financial power remain unharmed.



VR Equitypartner takes over equity shares, provides Mezzanine financing and arranges syndications for equity- and dept capital.

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