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Your expert for equity financing - for more than 45 years

VR Equitypartner is one of the leading private equity financiers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We support medium-sized family companies on a target-driven basis, underpinned by our decades of experience in solving complex strategic financing issues. Typical reasons for investing in a company include growth, corporate succession or a change of shareholders. We offer not only majority and minority investments, but also mezzanine financing facilities. 

As a subsidiary of DZ BANK, Germany's leading co-operative bank, VR Equitypartner consistently prioritises the sustainability of corporate development ahead of a short-term exit philosophy. 

We have been operating very successfully on the private equity market for many years. This proven expertise ensures our customers always receive individual equity financing appropriate to their current corporate situation. Given these circumstances, openness, partnership, trust, expertise and responsibility have been our key values for many years. 

VR Equitypartner's portfolio currently comprises around 100 investments with an investment volume of EUR 500 million.

Our strengths

In contrast to the refinancing strategy of other investment companies which is typically fund based we only invest financial resources of the DZ BANK AG. This offers capital seeking companies various major advantages: 

  • We follow a long-term approach without short-term exit mentality.
  • Our financial power is not dependant on successfull fundraising. Instead our continuous active presence over decades in the German-speaking equity market is one of our distinguishing features.
  • As part of the cooperative financial network VR Equitypartner is also able to provide the company with a network of reliable financing partners. The cooperative financial network consists of around 1000 banks.

Measured by balance sheet totals it is one of the largest private financial services organization in Germany. The DZ BANK acts as the central institution for the cooperative banks with their 13.000 bank branches.

Your equity finance expert

Our Advisory Board

For our investment decisions and the development process of our portfolio companies we seek advice from our Adivsory Board which consists of six nameable managers with many years of experience in the specific sector.

Your benefits at a glance

Long-term partnership

Together we create a long-term added value and perspectives for our portfolio companies.


VR Equitypartner is not a fund, hence there is no short-term exit mentality. This provides reliability and flexibility.


We see ourselves as a reliable and strategic partner who offers individual support by providing know-how and an international network of specialists.


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